About Us

Hello Queens and Goddesses!

First off, welcome to Weave and Wigs Galleria! If you have been following this blog then you would have noticed the changes that have recently taken place here. I have changed a lot of things but I am still keeping the message the same. When I first started this blog I wanted to bring together some of the best hair websites out there. One page was dedicated to my Queen out there who liked to slay on a daily basis but was working with a budget. My other page was more geared towards my Goddesses, who had the extra money to spend on hair and their look.

I have since evolved into the online store/blog that you are looking at now. I will still be doing reviews for different websites in addition to making my own wigs to sell. I am very excited to bring you guys fresh new looks and styles so stay tuned, because I will be growing more and more.