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Galleria Box

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Why Choose The Galleria Box? 

  • Eliminates the need to shop around to find the perfect accessories. 
  • New Accessories are sent out automatically every month. 

Who Should Subscribe to the Galleria Box?

  • Anyone that wants to try something new
  • Likes the freedom of not needing to search for new items. 
  • Loves accessorizing without the extra guesswork 
  • Anyone who’s indecisive when it comes to picking out accessories. 

What’s Offered?

  • A small to medium handbag/purse, wallet or clutch/wristlet. 
  • Featured Sunglasses 
  • Additional Free Gifts (ex. Jewelry, hair accessories, etc.) 
  • Three Visual ways to style each featured item for inspiration. 
  • Reusable Box, perfect for storing your handbags/wallets or shoes. 

Total Value: Between $80-$100 

Subscriptions Can Be Cancelled or Skipped at anytime. 
Boxes are sent out between the 1st and the 3rd of every month unless it’s a holiday or Sunday. 

Any new subscriptions made after the 20th of every month will receive the following month's box. (I.E. If you sign up on the 20th of January you will receive your first subscription in March. February's subscription would have already been processed by then.)  

Subscription Boxes are non-refundable.