Breast Cancer Giveaway!

Our Breast Cancer Giveaway is not only to raise the awareness of the disease but it is also to help women feel beautiful during a difficult time in their life. Weave And Wigs Galleria wants to show our support for these women so we are having a wig giveaway to give to 3 amazing women during this month but we need your help to do so. We have 3 sales goals that we need to reach to make our giveaway happen. We will be tracking our process here on the website and will be updating our progress on all of our social media platforms. When we reach our first 10 sales we will be giving away our 1st wig, when we reach 30 sales we will giveaway our 2nd wig, when we reach 50 sales we will giveaway our 3rd wigYou can use the code “BPink” to receive 15% off of your purchase and the sales will go towards helping these women receive their custom wigs! 

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Twitter: wNwgalleria

Facebook: Weave And Wigs Galleria



To our amazing women who would like to enter our giveaway, all you need to do is send us a 1 minute video to telling us why you would like to win a custom made wig. Our winners will be featured on our website and social media so that everyone participating will know a winner was picked. We just ask if you are picked to win please send in a picture of you receiving your wig or tagging us on instagram @weaveandwigsgalleria.