Week 2 - Going Through Changes!

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Well we made it another week! I apologize about posting late last week but we are back on track this week! So I have decided to post my picture from this morning giving you a closer look at my skin. As you can see I do have some small pimples unfortunately they are hormonal so we weren't able to get a true weekly result. 

However, I can say my skin has felt more moisturized since starting the complete line of products and the dark circles under my eyes has lightened up considerably. I am extremely pleased with those results especially since I started using the eye cream, which is also great for fine lines and wrinkles. Everything is gentle on my skin, even the toner. 

My fashion statement this week is from Monday. I decided to wear my Flower Turban Head wrap in the color yellow, my Butterfly necklace and my cowrie shell stud earrings. It was a simple yet stylish look for a beautifully hot day in July. 

If you want to try out any of GoBeautifull products, I have left the link below. Don't forget to use code, E25 to save 25% off of your total purchase. 

GoBeautifull: https://www.gobeautifull1.com/

Earrings: https://weaveandwigsgalleria.com/collections/zenzii-jewelry-collection/products/cowrie-stud-earrings

Butterfly Necklace: https://weaveandwigsgalleria.com/collections/jewelry/products/butterfly-necklace-set

Flower Turban Head Wrap: https://weaveandwigsgalleria.com/collections/hair-tools/products/flower-knot-turban



Until Next Week! 

Erin J 

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